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Project Cargo Logistics

Project cargo is a complex field within the freight forwarding industry that involves heavy equipment shipping and moving project materials to work sites or construction facilities. Managing heavy lift projects requires special expertise, care and detailing. We have built a formidable reputation in Project Cargo Logistics and heavy lift shipments with our dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling such cargo. Over the years, we have managed several high-value project cargoes, offering our customers world-class Project Cargo services at minimum costs. Regardless of the shipment’s destination, our team handles every consignment in a customized manner, planning and engineering all the required points in detail.

We take care to determine which routes are necessary to move your project freight beforehand, and we make sure special loading and unloading equipment is in place before your cargo reaches your work site. By looking beyond the transportation phase of your project cargo, we can help you pinpoint potential problem areas on-site that could derail or delay your vision and provide solutions to circumvent these issues. The scope of our heavy equipment shipping sets us apart from other freight forwarders because it rests on a foundation of quality service and know-how.

The highlights of our Project Cargo services are as follows:

  • Heavy Lift Cargo
  • Break Bulk Shipments
  • Over-Dimension Freight Forwarding
  • Cargo for Entire Projects
  • Freight Outside of Traditional Shapes
  • Experts in Abnormal & Out-of-Gauge Loads
  • Complete End-to-End Project Management
  • Warehouse & Storage Services
  • Cargo Handling
  • Specialist Services for Energy Industries

With us, your heavy equipment shipping is in safe, reliable hands and your project cargo will always arrive before deadline in perfect condition.We supply project logistics services to customers involved in the construction and supply of industrial projects, whatever their role – project owner, contractor or supplier. Our specialist teams use the creativity and skills that come from long experience in the field. Anything heavy and oversized gets our special attention. Our highly tailored solutions are designed to meet all your outsized cargo and heavy lift needs. ASL Logistics provides professional project logistics services catering to large-scale and complex industrial projects. Our dedicated team of professionals consists of well-trained project specialist and long-experienced operations managers. We treat each single project as a unique assignment with special attention to every detail, from design, planning, to execution and delivery. With dedicated teams of professionals attending to your industrial needs, be assured that your heavy lifts and out sized cargo will be safely transported.

Experience counts when it comes to handling complex projects and movement of oversized and heavy-lift cargoes. circumstances with quick and decisive actions.Our approach is to break down project logistics and transport into essential elements, and then to assign direct supervision over each. Whether you are moving an individual heavy lift or complete industrial plant from various origins to remote construction sites, we arrange for customized transportation concepts for the entire route on a door to door basis.

Military Cargo

ASL Logistics offers military cargo services for supplies, equipment and mails delivered on a daily basis. The cargo, which travels by land, sea and air, requires special handling. Ensuring the safe arrival at the correct destinations of any and all military cargo is the responsibility of the well trained professional crew members. They load and unload supplies using material handling equipment such as forklifts and cranes, as well as plan and organize loading schedules, creates/reviews. ASL Logistics understands the urgency of speedy movement of supplies and equipment as demanded by military and is equipped to meet all exigencies.Our professional team is well-known in forwarding special projects and finding the best solutions for your special shipments. We deliver with responsible secure handling by using our utmost resources available in forwarding your freight.

Perishable (Temperature-controlled) Cargo

ASL Logistics is committed to ensure that your perishable shipments will arrive on time. Different kinds of perishables that ASL Logistics has been handling include foodstuffs, agro-products, pharmaceuticals, livestock’s & more.

Over-dimensional Cargo

Shipping equipment and heavy machinery requires attention to many details — dismantling, loading, trucking, and ocean freight forwarding. Our past clients include mining, engineering and construction companies, so we understand the logistics that go into purchasing equipment for your project. We ensure your cargo makes it to your site, following your timeline schedule. Simply put, logistics is ensuring that the right items are in the right place at the right time. Whether you need us to design innovative solutions for your business, plan, coordinate and execute a one-time project or provide ongoing management through warehousing and distribution, we are more than ready to take the reins.

Our over-dimensional and heavy-lift cargo services include:

  • Customer tailored deliveries
  • Road studies
  • Cargo supervision during loading and unloading, as well as in transit
  • Cargo tracking
  • Transport Insurance
  • Oversize cargoes transportation
  • Heavy loads
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Special Cargo Services
  • Extreme weights
  • Oversized cargo
  • Reduces time in transit and customs paperwork–consolidated customs clearance, cost-effective handling of product returns and reverse logistics
  • Site inspection and project planning
  • Track and trace with en-route reporting
  • Final stage delivery with PoD reports

The services are intended for:

  • Heavy Loads
  • Generators / Transformers
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Heavy Transport
  • Turbines
  • Plant Relocation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Power Generation (traditional and renewable energy)
  • Infrastructure and Construction

ASL Logistics is equipped to handle over-dimensional shipments safely, whether they are moving overseas, locally, or anywhere within Afghanistan. The company is well versed in the required permits, legal restrictions and necessary equipment to ensure the smooth transit of over-dimensional freight. clearances. This results in considerable savings in both time and cost for our clients – and the avoidance of costly mistakes common with the transport of over dimensional cargo.

The construction of large infrastructure projects present complex logistics challenges that often involve the transportation of very heavy and oversized loads. As a specialist handler of project cargoes, our dedicated and experienced international teams are ready to tackle the challenges that are unique to your specialized project logistics requirements.

At ASL Logistics, safety always comes first. In special projects shipments, safety is a critical factor to ensure a smooth end-to-end solution is met for the client and all parties involved go home safely. We provide project planning and support, site surveys and cargo analysis and job-site delivery. Whether you are moving a transformer from point A to B or moving an entire industrial plant, we have the staff, knowledge, and assets to create an end-to-end logistics solution to get the job done.In addition, we execute on destination import clearance, customs clearance procedures, destination requirements/specifications, and any other requirements that are needed.We are committed to providing you with the highest level of trust, professionalism and expertise for all your project freight needs.


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