Road Transportation

Ground & Road Transportation:

ASL Logistics, a reputable transportation company offers a variety of customized and cost-effective solutions for transportation by road. ASL Logistics specializes in providing a seamless, sustainable and fully integrated transportation and logistics service; from source to the delivery point. We support the movement of goods to neighboring countries like Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan to name a few. Your freight can be transported to any location in Afghanistan. Through our road solutions, ASL Logistics offers a safe, economical and viable transportation means for your goods. Our all-inclusive road freight service runs across a global platform manned by a team of experts uniquely skilled at overseeing overland operations, including customs clearance requirements.

As an international forwarder with a global covering agency network, highly motivated and dedicated team of professionals, we want the best road freight services for our clients. From consolidated shipments to Full Container Loads, from conventional cargo to break bulk, from oversized cargo to reefers, ASL Logistics handles all your shipments and takes care of your logistics needs.

We strive in finding the best possible solutions to truck your shipments towards their destination.

Multimodal Transportation

Multi-Modal Transportation is a complicated and challenging project when it comes to Afghanistan, but our experience and network of reliable partners will provide you with the best multi-modal services.ASL Logistics being a trusted transportation company in Afghanistan, offers efficient multimodal and intermodal transportation options for shipments that require a combination of air, road, rail or ocean transport. Our logistics specialists can help you plan and track your intermodal shipment to help you save money, reduce transit time and increase your shipment’s security.

From departures to door-to-door delivery, we offer a comprehensive, highly dependable platform that functions seamlessly within both international and domestic landscapes. ASL Logistics offers an unparalleled road service that ensures your freight reaches its destination with the utmost efficiency and speed. We closely monitor and coordinate all the counter agents involved in the process, so we can assure reliable, timely and safe delivery. The logistics experts from the company evaluate your freight size and budget, to assist you in the most appropriate cost-effective movement of the cargo. With its seamless multimodal network, which goes down to the last mile, ASL Logistics ensures that your shipments arrive dot on time.

Our logistics advantages are as follows.

  • Presence in all Afghan crossing points
  • Central Transport management system
  • Terminal and storage facilities
  • Customs clearance and Maafinama (Certificate of Exemption) services
  • Import & Export
  • FCL / LCL
  • Break-bulk and Special equipment / over-sized cargo
  • Reefers / Temperature controlled Reefers
  • Optimized & cost-effective solutions for all kinds of road freight solutions.
  • Special handling (temperature-controlled, high-value, over-sized)
  • Local clearance
  • Transport of goods from the port of discharge to destinations
  • Door-to-door delivery of cargo
  • Warehousing and storage facilities are also available on request
  • Hassle-free documentation job for all movements across the country
  • Continuous cargo visibility (ITV Reporting)
  • Widespread network
  • Very competitive rates
  • Shipments are picked up and delivered on time
  • Proactive notification of any potential problems coupled with experienced solutions when required.
  • Dedicated staff offering a personalized high level of service, having profound knowledge of shipping

Our inland trucking service is no stand-alone service but part of our comprehensive supply chain solutions. We track your freight as part of a multi-modal solution or door to door solution.

With personalized services provided by the most sought after transportation company in Afghanistan, ASL Logistics can handle your shipment – regardless of size, point of origin or destination. Through its comprehensive logistics services division, we can offer you the following services, which you may elect to use individually or as a package:

  • Exclusive use of vehicles:
  • Bongo Trucks
  • Pick-ups
  • Trailers
  • Reefers
  • Flatbeds
  • Low-boys
  • Full Truckload Services
  • Less-than-Truckload Services
  • Shipment Booking
  • Bill of Lading Preparation
  • ACCD Filing
  • Preparation, Consolidation, and Forwarding of Export Documents
  • Shipment Monitoring and Project Management
  • Container Loading
  • Customs Brokerage/Clearance
  • Inland Transportation
  • Nationwide Cargo Pick Up / In-Country Delivery Services
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing / Storage
  • LCL, LTL and FCL Transportation
  • Security Escort (APPF)
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Loading & Unloading

LTL Trucking is at the core of what we do. Our direct LTL trucking service is the most efficient and cost-effective method for moving freight from Hamid Karzai International Airport to any inter-Afghanistan destination.

At ASL Logistics, a top-notch transportation company in Afghanistan, we take out all the guesswork and enable you to offer customers total service. We can make all the arrangements to move your goods from your warehouse. We have special equipment, cranes, forklifts and flatbeds, low-beds to handle virtually all types of jobs, from the over-sized and overweight goods. We offer Full Truckload (FTL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Flatbed, Intermodal and Specialty freight shipping options to both domestic and international clients. With a wide variety of ASL Logistics-owned trucks, trailers and containers, we can help you manage your most sensitive high-value, over-sized and generator-supported shipments. Our logistics specialists work with clients to define the most efficient, cost-effective transportation solutions to meet demanding needs, timelines and budgets. With an entire fleet of company-owned assets (trucks), we are prepared to handle any scale of transportation need including over-sized industrial shipments, intricate medical and telecommunications equipment. Each of our trucks comes standard with tarps, padding, straps, chains, wood dunnage and/ if required with ITV’s /GPS tracking devices.

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