Transit cargo via Pakistan

Transit cargo via Pakistan

Pakistan’s natural strategic location offers the shortest route to Afghanistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan share more than a border; they share a language, a people, a culture and a history. Afghanistan being a land lock country has to effect its importation via Pakistan, eight percent of the cargo is transited via Pakistan. After the tragedy of 9/11, a considerable volume of cargo is also consigned to and coalition forces inside Afghanistan most of which is transited via Pakistan. Afghanistan the country which at present has all International recognition for rebuilding. Pakistan since last four decades has all the advantageous in the cross border transit trade and can play a very major role in providing multi-modal logistics in the rebuilding and constructions having all the access of Air/Sea and Rail/Road transportation to the war-ravaged country. Pakistan is in the most advantageous position in Afghan Transit Trade, (ATT) where Port of Karachi plays a major role as hinterland port and “GATEWAY” to Afghanistan and Central Asian States. Since Pakistan is one of the countries used to transship cargo to Afghanistan, we have detailed information and experience on the different transport possibilities. We can arrange transport to most cities including Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad and also Bagram. The closest available sea ports are in Pakistan: Port Qasim, Karachi Port and Gwadar.

Our strength is being a one stop solution and having a global network. Our Pakistan office offer extensive expertise in global freight forwarding, moving and logistics management, and an unparalleled commitment to providing excellent service tailored to our client’s requirements. The route for the transport of cargo is usually Karachi- Peshawar Dry Port or Karachi- Quetta Dry port.Following are the Afghan Transit Routes for cargo destined to various parts of Afghanistan.

Route 1 (Via Gateway Karachi): Karachi – Peshawar – Torkham Border – Kabul

Complete route: Karachi – Hyderabad – Sukhur – Bahawalpur – Rawalpindi – Peshawar – Khyber Pass – Torkham Border – Jalalabad – Kabul

Total distance: 1655 km (approx.)

Route 2 (via outlet Chaman): Karachi to Quetta – Chaman Border – Kandahar
Complete route: Karachi – Hab Chauki – Uthal – Bela – Khuzdar – Kalat – Quetta – Bostan -Chaman – Spin Boldak – Kandahar

Total distance: 925 km (approx.)

There is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from Pakistan and other neighboring countries. ASL Logistics offers fast and cost-effective, one-window operations for transportation of Afghan cargo through Pakistan specializing in handling of all kinds of Afghanistan bound shipments i.e. Diplomatic – Non-Commercial and Commercial cargos. Further, we provide Customs Clearance at Karachi, Afghan Borders and Door Delivery to the consignees’ premises in order to offer our valued clients a complete package of services to support their Supply Chain Management system. We can handle all types of cargo (Commercial and Non-Commercial Cargo) without any hassle. There are normally two types of in-transit shipments for Afghanistan.

  • Commercial cargo
  • Non-commercial cargo

Commercial cargo is only allowed by Pakistan Railway or though NLC (National Logistic Cell, a transportation company, owned by Government of Pakistan) up to Peshawar or Chaman, the borders cities of Pakistan. The consignments are unloaded at Karachi and Bin Qasim Ports and Pakistan Customs formalities, for in transit goods, are completed before loading into Railway wagons or trucks for final destination in Afghanistan. Customs duties and taxes are applicable for Commercial cargo while processing through Afghan Customs Post.

Non-Commercial Cargo, which is moved to its destination under the Afghan Transit Trade which are not subject to duty-paid in other wordsare the cargo which are for reconstruction or Governmental Assistance cargo. This includes Relief Cargo, Reconstruction Materials, and Diplomatic Cargo.  donations and aid come through this category and are entitled to tax-exemption (Maafinama). Cargo for Afghanistan in Transit via Pakistan (Karachi /Port) is exempted from Custom Duty and taxes in Pakistan. However, a Special Custom Cell, processes and examines the cargo at Karachi Port.

We are providing very efficient and reliable services for our International Clients for their cargoes for Custom Clearance, Transportation and Delivery to Kabul, Kandahar and other inland destinations in Afghanistan via Peshawar or Quetta. We can arrange transport to most cities including Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad and also Bagram. The shipment will be moved from Pakistan as bonded cargo. We can take care for all custom documentation, customs clearance and transportation from the port to final destination of Afghanistan.Our major services we have developed are: –

  • CUSTOMS FORMALITIES AT ALL AFGHANISTAN INTERNATIONAL ENTRY LOCATIONS. (Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan).
  • PROVISION OF EQUIPMENT (Cranes, Fork Lifts, Manual, Vehicles etc.)
  • FOR NON COMMERCIAL CARGO (Obtaining Tax Exemption/Maafinama from respective Afghan Ministries.
  • Land Transportation from Karachi to all major inter-Afghanistan destinations.
  • Arranging Transit Permit and NOC from Pakistani authorities.
  • Custom Clearance and documentations at all Cross Border Points.
  • Satellite Tracking and ITV reporting.
  • Provision of Security Escort services.

In Pakistan, we have introduced regular services from Karachi to Afghanistan for various cities by trucks. Transportation of the commercial cargo is only allowed by Pakistan Railway or though NLC (National Logistic Cell, a transportation company, owned by Government of Pakistan) up to Peshawar, Amangarh, Torkham or Chaman, the bordering cities of Pakistan and Non Commercial Cargo could be dispatched to final destination by NLC Truck.We are the one who is handling a large volume of cargoes transiting via Pakistan for our esteemed customers. We have managed large number of deliveries successfully to the end-clients based in Afghanistan on time without any hassle. At the moment we have good number of shipments in pipeline for the delivery to Kabul, Kandahar and other major cities of Afghanistan. Our Karachi office is coordinating with port and custom authorities for prompt customs clearance of cargoes going to Afghanistan, port handling and also arranging transportation with NLC (National Logistic Cell). NLC is a government department in Pakistan who is controlling/monitoring the road shipments to Afghanistan. Our network is on the panel of approved transporter for all destinations of Afghanistan with NLC (National Logistic Cell).

We are backed by a team of young, experienced and dedicated staff who ensures that shipments are handling in timely manners with the entire satisfaction of our clients. With this team work we are able to provide “ONE WINDOW PAKISTAN-TRANSIT OPERATION” for all our valuable customers with highest level of services.


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