PAKGLOC Logistics

PAKGLOC Logistics

ASL Logistics have capabilities to customers’ logistical needs within Afghanistan (AFG) and Pakistan (PAK) using the Pakistani Grounds Lines of Communications (PAKGLOC). Our logistical infrastructure is founded on our partnership with regional counterpart in PAK, already supporting operations for National Alliance Treaty Organization (NATO), the US Army, the United Nations (UN), and other international and local customers. The following logistical support deliverables are available for the movement of the CLIENT’s assets within AFG and PAK:

o    Bonded Transportation & Crane Equipment
o    Logistics Operations and Documentation Support
o    Situational Reports (SITREPS)
o    Security Operations and Contingency Planning
o    Other value added services

Area of Operations:

Our Area of Operations (AoO) covers the four main sites of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), including its seven hubs near the major Forward Operating Bases (FOB), and using the PAKGLOC.

In Country Logistics Network Structure

Afghanistan – We are primary service provider doing business for over a decade and dully recognized and registered with the Afghan Ministry of Commerce as a licensed shipping and logistics operator as well with the Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA). The company currently has a private fleet of over 175 trucks including warehousing, office facilities in Kabul and other regions throughout Afghanistan. Also secondary operations offices beside Kabul airport customs which process daily shipments for the US State Department, NATO, USAID, and the UN as well several embassies and diplomatic missions.  Similarly, we are Primary agent and logistics business partner for Pakistan with over 15 years in the market and providing a full range of logistics services from customs, project logistics, sea and air freight forwarding, Afghanistan transit trade, etc. Also fully up to date and extremely knowledgeable of the process at Karachi port as well and with excellent connections on all levels with governmental and port authorities to ensure a seamless operation loading the vessel.

Regional Footprint

Agency network has offices across both countries including checkpoints within Afghanistan and located at; Kabul, Kandahar, Hairatan, Jalalabad, Sharana, Tarin Kowt, Herat, Ghazni, Chaman and Jalabad. In Pakistan, offices are located at; Karachi, Peshawar, Rawaldpindi, Bhawalpure, Sukkur, Quetta, Kalat, Khuzdar, Bela, Uthal, Hab Chauki and Hyderabad.

Main Routes and Transit Times

Bagram Across Torkham (PAKGLOC) – Peshawar border to and from Karachiwith a total distance of approximately 2,010 km and estimated transit time between 14 to 20 days depending on the speed of clearance process, weather, road conditions and threat levels. The route from Kabul covers Jalalabad, Torkham border, Kyber Pass, Peshawar, Ravalpindi, Bhawalpure, Sukkur, Hyderabad, and Karachi.



Kandahar Across Chaman (PAKGLOC) – Quetta border to and from Karachi with atotal distance of approximately 913 km and estimated transit time between 9 to 15 days, depending on the same factors described above. The route from Kandahar covers Spin Boldak, Chaman, Bostan, Quetta, Lalat, Khuzdar, Bela, Uthal, Hab Chauki, and Karachi. We can provide supports equirements under scenarios associated to retrograde / import / export logistics across Pakistan and Afghanistan i.e. security escorts, detention time and charges, use of cranes to transfer loads from one low bed to another, low bed vs. trailers, bonded carrier, courier services, etc.

SOW Deliverables

Bonded Transportation & Crane Equipment – ASL Logistics’ contracted carriers under its designated agents are asset owned and bonded for both countries. As per prevailing Afghanistan and Pakistan’s customs rules and regulations, Afghan and Pakistani cargo can only be transported in vehicles which are registered in any of customs approved bonded carriers. No Afghan trucks are allowed to cross over Pakistan’s territory thus requiring transferring the equipment from one truck to another through the use of cranes or ramps and re securing it with lashing material.

Logistics Operation Support and Documentation Support – Managing logistics operations from Point of Origin to Point of Destination. Also expertise in theater to support the approval and flow process including any issues related to customs and other governmental authorities with references to US Embassy and Consulate in AFG and PAK, DOD Customs, the SDDC in Bahrain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in AFG (MoFA), Ministry of Finance in AFG (MoF), the National Logistics Cell in PAK, the Mayor Cells at the different Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) across AFG.

A list of the most likely documents where ASL Logistics provide support and are familiar with follows: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Border Crossing Memo (BCM), Customs Clearance Request (CCR), Goods Declaration (GD), Exemption Certificates (EC), DD1384s, Maafinama, Diplomatic Notes, Cargo Manifests, Transit Authorization Permit (TAP), etc.

SITREPS – Providing daily updates to its Joint Logistics Operation Centers (JLOCs) on geopolitical and infrastructure challenges including security levels, tribal conflicts, communication issues, road and weather conditions in order to plan around and update its customers with 24/7 daily situational reports. In most occasions, drivers are equipped with smart phones capable of taking photos and reporting live to contracted carrier’s hubs in Pakistan and Afghanistan. ASL LOGISTICS also has the capability to provide GPS tracking devices at an additional cost if requested by the CLIENT.

Security Operations – Agency’s bonded trucks travel on convoys with security escorts where required as this is a mandatory governmental requirement for the Kandahar & Bagram sectors lowering the risk of vandalism especially in areas such as the cross points located at the Spin boldak and Chaman sectors. Also all trucks are required to rest in safe premises along the main routes entering and coming from the Torkham and Chaman border control points.

Contingency Planning – Agency’s network is seasoned in dealing with unplanned events and situations threatening services for which it’s being hired by its customer base while prioritizing on safety of the assets and personnel on ground including material handling and transportation equipment.

Other Services – Warehousing, Insurance, Light Maintenance,Air Freight, Packing, Crating, AGWASH, Fumigation, Break Bulk, Dry and Liquid Bulk, Import and Export consolidation are some of the products available to the CLIENT upon request.


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