IOR/EOR Services

IOR/EOR Services

ASL Logistics offer niche trade compliance solutions for Afghanistan trade compliance and logistics support.By using our IOR / EOR Services you’ll be able to have your goods in & out of the country without worrying about the costs, hassles and paperwork, allowing you to focus on growing your business. As your IOR/EOR service provider, ASL Logistics will act as your Legal representative at importing Country for Imports and Exporter for Exports. Our IOR (importer of record) services allow you to legally import into Afghanistan; regardless of your customer’s or company’s legal status; it also legally protects your company as our company act as your customs broker, freight forwarder, and importer.

  • Our IOR/EOR allows your company to import and export merchandise without an established business or legal entity as our company will act as the importer for customs purposes at the time of import/export
  • Our company handles paying your taxes and duties, filings with government agencies; all customs clearance charges and levies pre-paid on your behalf
  • ASL Logistics will apply for necessary import/export licenses or permits
  • Clear shipments through the relevant customs channels
  • Perform the last-mile delivery to the end user
  • Shipment status reports
  • Storage solutions


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