AS Logistics offers a number of standard and expedited air freight forwarding solutions to address clients’ most demanding transportation needs. Each shipment is handled with care by our expert staff so that your goods reach you safely.

3PL Solutions

We are a Third Party Logistics provider, offering supply chain solutions including multi-modal transportation, customs clearance, and door deliveries. Comprehensive service takes on a whole new meaning when your business partners with AS Logistics as your 3PL service provider. Multi-modal is an increasingly more popular solution for clients looking for freight solutions that are faster, more predictable and more reliable.
When your business needs every aspect of moving goods through the supply chain handled, AS Logistics is more than just a third-party logistics solution. We serve as your all-in-one logistics partner, actively analyzing your supply chain to identify opportunities for improved cost savings, risk management, and end-to-end efficiency.
While many 3PL companies don’t own or manage equipment or inventory, AS Logistics is an asset-based global transportation company with an extensive 3PL partner network. We provide third-party logistics (3PL) services to customers looking to source cost-effective procurement and distribution services. We provide world-class international freight services through strategic partnerships with the transportation industry’s top carriers. Our 3PL partner network is equipped to handle just about any scale of supply chain need.
AS Logistics has successfully designed, executed and managed multi-modal options for both first-time and well-established shippers.
AS Logistics offer your business several key advantages:
• Smooth handling during transit
• Decreased transportation costs
• Dedicated expert teams providing continued support
• Real-time intra-visibility
• Our logistics experts work to understand your business and help you determine whether your freight will benefit from an intermodal strategy.

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Cargo Insurance

As the saying goes: “IT’S BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY”, Cargo Insurance is essential for businesses engaging in war zone areas such as Afghanistan. Cargo Insurance covers loss and/or damage of cargo while it is in transit between the points of origin and final destination.

Insurance covers cargo covers damage or loss, occurred as a result of carriage of goods by trucking in Afghanistan. All the risks – physical damage of the goods, partial damage to cargo damage, occurred as a result of accidents or hazards of transportation and or in case of pilferage.

Term insurance protection begins with the completion of loading goods onto the vehicle at the departure point and ends at the beginning of unloading at the destination. Assistance in provision of effective cargo insurance, combined with excellent service in the name of long-term cooperation with customers, we take pride in providing our customer with great insurance deals and quick turnaround in accordance to the requirements.

Depending upon the type of cargo, we will place your coverage either through the Lloyds market or the American market; either way, you will be assured of outstanding claims service and professionalism.

We will play a go-between role as an insurance broker, carrier or underwriter.  Coverage is purchased through reputable Insurance company based in Afghanistan and is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy arranged by the insurance underwriters. ASL Logistics is committed to help you in providing insurance services to protect your cargo while in transit and reach safely to your desired destination.

AS Logistics Staff Member

As a reliable service provider in air freight solutions, AS Logistics brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.


AS Logistics offers a number of standard and expedited air freight forwarding solutions to address clients’ most demanding transportation needs. We will take the time to first understand your specific needs and tailor our services to match your shipping requirements. AS Logistics is experienced in handling all types of air cargo shipments from large scale projects to smaller shipments.

Air Freight Solutions

Due to the sensitivity and time pressures involved in airfreight, we develop comprehensive airfreight service plans tailored to meet the customers’ specific requirements.

Specialist support

Our logistics specialists can coordinate your shipments and arrange for priority air transport service to keep your supply chain in sync with your timetable.

Critical consideration

When you have high-value or time-sensitive shipments, you need to know that they’ll arrive on time.

Responsive Helpdesk

When your business needs shipping quotes at their fingertips, we have the answers via our easy to use freight quote helpdesk. An expert agent will respond quickly with a friendly quote.

As a reliable service provider in sea freight solutions, AS Logistics brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.


We take pride in being a leading operator that bridge the gap between the speed of air freight and the economy of ocean freight by providing you a customized combination of transport modes (road, rail, ocean, and air) to move your ocean freight faster.

MHE support

We have the special equipment, cranes, forklifts and flatbeds, low-beds to handle virtually all types of jobs, from the oversized and overweight goods

Company-owned fleet of trucks

With a wide variety of AS Logistics-owned trucks, trailers and containers, we can help you manage your most sensitive high-value, over-sized and generator-supported shipments.

Supply Chain Approach

Our inland trucking service is no stand-alone service but part of our comprehensive supply chain solutions.

Keeping your business up to speed

AS Logistics specializes in providing a seamless, sustainable and fully integrated transportation and logistics service; from source to delivery point.


AS Logistics offers efficient multimodal and intermodal transportation options for shipments that require a combination of air, road, rail or ocean transport. Our logistics specialists can help you plan and track your intermodal shipment to help you save money, reduce transit time and increase your shipment’s security.