Reverse Cargo Procedures

Reverse/Re-export Cargo in-transit from Afghanistan

The local handling agent will submit their request letter with the following documents to U.S Consulate, Karachi:
  • Border Crossing Memo (BCM)/CCR
  • Commercial Invoice and Packing List
  • Bonded Carrier’s Undertaking

The agent needs to induct the below mentioned narration in their request letter to the Consulate and bonded carrier undertaking.

  • This consignment does not contain prohibited goods, as defined and specified in this CGO.
  • This consignment shall not be consumed in Pakistan but shall only transit through Pakistani territory to/from Afghanistan.
  • We bind ourselves to comply with the relevant Customs rules, procedures and regulations prescribed for transit cargo, including the provisions as contained in the Customs General Order No. 10 of 2012, and the relevant laws of the country.
US Consulate will issue the following:
  • Two letters (Cargo Manifest) addressed to Deputy Collector Torkham border (Original and Duplicate). For issuance of Cargo Manifest, the agent will forward us cargo details in accordance to the standard template.
  • Undertaking letter addressed to the Collector customs (Peshawar).
  • Request letter to National Logistics Cell (NLC) for issuance of TAP.
  • Agent will submit TAP request letter to NLC before arrival of cargo at Pak/Afghan border.
  • GD will be filed by the agent at Torkham/Chaman border.

Documents required for US Govt./Military Cargo

  • Original Invoice
  • Original Packing List
  • Copy of Memorandum Letter
  • Copy of Custom Clearance Request (CCR)
  • Copy of Diplomatic Note
  • Original Afghan Exemption Certificate (NON-SDDC)
  • Original Authority Letter (from the end user to the name of US Consulate)


  • CARRIER will send the trucks for cargo lifting/movement from FOBs on Afghani trucks with placards under the APPF security wherever required.
  • After cargo lifting and arrival at our Kabul yard, the cargo will be trans-loaded on Pakistani customs bonded trucks equipped with the trackers will be arranged for the movement from Kabul to Karachi. ASL Logistics will be using agent’s directly having bonded carrier Pakistani truck’s in Kabul.
  • After arrival at border, the customs clearance will be conducted at Afghanistan side and after border crossing of trucks, the customs clearance will be conducted at Pakistan and TAP will be issued by the NLC.
  • After all the customs formalities, trucks will move in a security convoy to Karachi and will keep reporting en-route BY CARRIER Pakistan check-posts.


US Consulate in Karachi is responsible the processing of the cargo approval from Pakistan Customs for All US Government, US Forces and ISAF cargoes (inbound & outbound).
  1. A)   CARRIER will submit all the documents to the US Consulate in Karachi. After processing, US Consulate in Karachi will issue a letter required for the customs clearance at border and Karachi customs housed.
  • Original commercial invoice & packing list.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Packing list.
  • No objection certificate from the customs bonded carrier.
  • Undertaking from the customs bonded carrier.
  • Copy of clearance letters.
  1. B)    Based on the above documents, US Consulate in Karachi will issue customs clearance letters for border and Karachi customs both.
  2. C)   After cargo arrival at Karachi (port area), the customs clearance will be performed, vessel loading program will be issued and trucks will be gated-in.
  3. D)    After off-loading at port, the cargo will be sent for washing according to the requirement. Cargo scanning and weighing will also be done during the time.
  4. E)    After vessel arrival, the cargo will be loaded into the vessel and export documentation will be prepared accordingly. Once the documentation is completed, a pre-alert will be sent to CONSIGNEE and original documents will be dispatched.
Following are the timelines:
  • Processing of duty exemption certificate: 3-7 working days
  • Customs clearance at border: 02-03 working days
  • Transit time from Kabul to Karachi: 10-12 days
  • Customs clearance at Karachi: 02 working days


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