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We are a Third Party Logistics provider, offering supply chain solutions including multi-modal transportation, customs clearance, and door deliveries. Comprehensive service takes on a whole new meaning when your business partners with ASL Logistics as your 3PL service provider. Multi-modal is an increasingly more popular solution for clients looking for freight solutions that are faster, more predictable and more reliable.

When your business needs every aspect of moving goods through the supply chain handled, ASL Logistics is more than just a third-party logistics solution. We serve as your all-in-one logistics partner, actively analyzing your supply chain to identify opportunities for improved cost savings, risk managements and end-to-end efficiency.

While many 3PL companies don’t own or manage equipment or inventory, ASL Logistics is an asset-based global transportation company with an extensive 3PL partner network. We provide third-party logistics (3PL) services to customers looking to source cost-effective procurement and distribution services.We provide world-class international freight services through strategic partnerships with the transportation industry’s top carriers. Our 3PL partner network is equipped to handle just about any scale of supply chain need.

ASL Logistics has successfully designed, executed and managed multi-modal options for both first-time and well-established shippers.

ASL Logistics offer your business several key advantages:

  • Smooth handling during transit
  • Decreased transportation costs
  • Dedicated expert teams providing continued support
  • Real-time intra-visibility
  • Our logistics experts work to understand your business and help you determine whether your freight will benefit from an inter-modal strategy.

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