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AS Logistics established a new representative office in UAE

AS Logistics continues to expand its global presence with establishing new office as a separate legal entity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – an emerging global market and business hub for the Middle East and South Asia. It is also a major transport hub for passengers and cargo. We will manage operations and business development from UAE and to position ourselves for foreign tenders and major international stakeholders, companies involved in Afghanistan. The opportunity is now available for us to further support our customers in the region and has now expanded our presence in the Middle East and emerging markets.

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AS Logistics has entered into agency agreement with Toll Global Forwarding

We are pleased to announce that AS Logistics has entered into an agreement with Toll Global Forwarding for nominating AS Logistics as Agent for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The purpose is to develop freight forwarding activities and opportunities for Toll Global Forwarding in Afghanistan and Pakistan and to establish a business relationship between the parties to performs and handles freight transportation to the territories (Afghanistan & Pakistan), including any international and domestic cargo transportation and other freight forwarding and logistical services.

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AS Logistics team participated in Operations Management conference in Bangkok, Thailand

AS Logistics team has participated in Operations and Financial management conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Our company always strive to provide skills and capacity development opportunities for its members so that we could provide impeccable services to our esteemed clients while managing operations in utmost satisfactory way.

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AS Logistics established a new warehouse in Hairatan Border

AS Logistics established of considerable warehousing space in the proximity area of Hairatan Border using the most up to date warehousing management systems and equipment in the market. The primary goal of the company is to provide clients with warehousing solutions that go beyond mere storage and distribution of goods. ASL believe in creating long term sustainable relationships by providing tailor made warehousing solutions according to individual needs whilst achieving a cost effective, efficient and reliable services. The Hairatan storage facilities will be used as a stock for the shipments coming from Central Asia.

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AS Logistics opened two Regional Offices and a new Operation Office in Kabul

Recently, AS Logistics has established and furnished two new offices in Khost and Sharana provinces. In addition, to ASL Head Office, ASL opened a new Operation Office across the Kabul Customs Directorate has become even closer to many customers, Office in the heart of Kabul Industrial Zone, just opposite of the commercial and shipping territory of Kabul Customs Directorate and are accessible to commercial hub which consists of Forwarders, Custom House Agents, Transporters, Traders and exporters.

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